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More Remote Control possible? - TobiasKS - 08-04-2015 03:35 PM


I'd like to create a remote control application (to run on a desktop computer) for the T48G

I found the PUSH XML very useful, but there are many functions missing. (like e.g. "backspace" if you miss typed a number)

1. Is there a better way to remotely control the phone?

2. Is there a way to view/retrieve and "mark as read" the call history?


RE: More Remote Control possible? - James_Yealink - 08-04-2015 08:38 PM

Hello Tobias,

1. Have you read action URI instruction? It may help you.
2. The" mark as read" is not supported. You want to view the history in application?


RE: More Remote Control possible? - TobiasKS - 08-04-2015 08:58 PM

Hi James,

1. I've used the "Execute" object. Where can I find information about the "action URI"?
2. Yes, I want to be able to show the history in the application and if there was a missed call, I want to offer an option to mark them as "read".