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Some XML help required - Eric.GoodAdvice - 10-03-2018 10:59 AM

Concerning a TP41P phone.

The PBX does not support provisioning or the forward status by the phone, so i've been setting up XML to dial DTMF to set a static forward.
I have this working as far as the dialing goes, but some other specifics are wanted by the customer.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<YealinkIPPhoneExecute Beep="yes">
<ExecuteItem URI="Led:SMS=on"/>
<ExecuteItem URI="Key:HANDFREE"/>
<ExecuteItem URI="Dial:*21*phonenr*" interruptcall="no"/>

So, the thought process here is:
- Turn on LED so we have an indicator
- Press Handfree key to dial
- dial number

The only thing working now, is that the number is dialed in the display.
The customer has to pick up the horn to make the forward complete.
After, the handfree is enabled, and the customer gets some beeps over the speaker that the forward has succeeded.
The Led does not turn on.

The PDF does not state i have to imply a color when using either the SMS or POWER LED, is this mistaken? Do i have to put a GREEN/ORANGE/RED like the line options have?
How can i make the Phone dial the number without the customer having the pickup? Should i put the handfree and dial in one statement?
Would: <ExecuteItem URI="Key:HANDFREE" "Dial:*21*phonenr*"/> work?

I cannot test these functions because i don't have a phone, so i have to do all this in a live environment Sad

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Some XML help required - jolouis - 10-05-2018 07:32 PM

(10-03-2018 10:59 AM)Eric.GoodAdvice Wrote:  The PBX does not support provisioning or the forward status by the phone, so i've been setting up XML to dial DTMF to set a static forward...

Not related to your XML specifically, but what exactly are you trying to achieve that the normal Call Forward feature of the phone itself would not do?

Yealink phones don't necessarily need any kind of hint or support on the PBX side to show the forward status, all you need is the pBX to support a forwarding DTMF code. If you configure this, when the user turns on call forward through the built in features menu/button, the phone will automatically transmit the DTMF code along with the phone number to the PBX as if the user had dialed it.

Similiarly, you can configure a DTMF code to be sent when call forward is turned off on the phone. Ideally those are two discreet codes to avoid confusion, but worst case you could use the same code and assume a toggle between the two states.

Take a look at the Features -> Forward & DND -> OnCode Off code options.