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T19P E2 auto provision firmware. - NI - 10-03-2018 09:12 AM

Hello, I have some phones T19P E2. With default firmware
I want to update my phones with original firmware from
I download firmware version: 19P_E2- and manually update my phones to this version. After I update with auto provision to version T19P_E2- with no problem. But after I try to update to firmware version T19P_E2- and get error. I want it's temporarily problem and after release T19P_E2- I try to update again and fail too. But if i try to update from to i don't have error. If I update manually from web interface - it's not error.
I try to understand problem and start syslog for update from 53.83.035 to

Add syslog with manually update from to and automatically update with help autoprovision from to May be it's help to solve problem.

RE: T19P E2 auto provision firmware. - NI - 10-08-2018 05:15 PM

I found solution my problem.

Default value for parameter static.auto_provision.attempt_expired_time is 5 seconds. But on 100 Mbps ethernet phone can download 7565456 bytes, but size of new rom is 7565584 bytes and phone can't correct download new rom file for normal update. If increase static.auto_provision.attempt_expired_time to 6 or more seconds you can updating done.