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Change disolay name - MBrandenburg - 09-12-2018 03:16 PM


in our company we use Yealink T41P phones and the phone software Placetel. This automatically sets up the connection to the phones once the Mac address is given. In particular, it sets the VoIP-name as the display name. However, when I change the VoIP-name, the display name does not change. But for other reasons, actually, the display name should be different from the VoIP-name.

So my question is just if it is possible to change the display name of the phones.

Just to be clear what I mean: The display has (in the middle) a clock, underneath it the date, and underneath it the display name of the user.

RE: Change disolay name - johandezwaan - 09-21-2018 07:40 AM


This is the name of the account which is active, in the webinterface this is configured under the tab Account and then label.

I guess that this is something your PBX is provisioning, the setting for that is: "account.1.label"