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KeSet phone operation - achaliy - 08-16-2018 07:11 PM

In our voice network we use the ip device openstage from Unify with OpenScape Voice softswith.
IP phones openstage can work in KeySet mode. This means that a connection profile is created in the global configuration, and the sip line data is entered directly into the button in the Line mode (UserID, Realm and Password). In this mode, the device allows you to monitor other devices in the system but it does not use the BLF.
Monitoring of other devices is done through the setting of the DSS button with SIP credentials of another subscriber.

Below subscription request from OpenStage ip phone, > [udp sum ok] SIP, length: 797
SUBSCRIBE sip:3804432119@;transport=udp SIP/2.0
Accept: application/keyset-info+xml
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK2c06557c24f669366
Max-Forwards: 70
From: <sip:3804432119@>;tag=fe9bc636c7
To: <sip:3804432119@>
Call-ID: bf5748b2b7be4d8f
CSeq: 1138144955 SUBSCRIBE
Authorization: Digest username="3804432119",realm="",nonce="1049863365-4e12052c3c56d3af44053c014e7b762a",uri="sip:3804432119@;transport=udp",response="5d51cefa49031ae83588f48172849b4a",algorithm=MD5,qop=auth,cnonce="28871368",nc=00000001
Contact: <sip:3804432119@;transport=udp>
Event: keyset-info
Expires: 3600
User-Agent: OpenStage_15_V3 R5.8.2 SIP 180305
Content-Length: 0 > [bad udp cksum 0xe142 -> 0x0e6d!] SIP, length: 382
SIP/2.0 200 OK
Call-ID: bf5748b2b7be4d8f
CSeq: 1138144955 SUBSCRIBE
From: <sip:3804432119@>;tag=fe9bc636c7
To: <sip:3804432119@>;tag=SEC11-6a0aa8c0-6a0aa8c0-1-9t85576pg66d
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK2c06557c24f669366
Contact: <sip:3804432119@;maddr=>
Expires: 3590
Content-Length: 0

Can you achieve this functionality using the T58?