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Just firmware - RC179 - 07-11-2018 06:59 PM

I need to do some very limited automation, right now it's just firmware updates but I'll be adding a few other options later. Some of these quests are dependent on others and there is some overlap as well. Hope I haven't made it too confusing.

When I specify the firmwareurl, am I specifying just the tftp server (and maybe the folder), or do I need to specify the filename as well (which I would need to change each time a new firmware is added). I'd rather not have to change the .cfg each time I add a firmware to the tftp server.

Can I put all the firmware updates (different models) in one directory, and the phones will just know which to use, or does each model require it's own directory?

So can I use a single common .cfg or do I have to use a model specific common .cfg for each model? I'm only pushing the firmware and not anything specific to the model.

If I only use one .cfg do I have to use the model specific prefix and have a firmwareurl statement for every model?

In either case, do I need a separate folder (on the tftp server) for each model or will the phones just know which firmware is for them? Is this dependent on keeping the original names on the firmware files?

If the .cfg file has not changed, so the phone doesn't pull a new copy, will it still pull the new firmware if that has changed?

What is the timeout on connecting to the tftp server?

If a configuration server is specified via dhcp, and the phone cannot connect to it, what configuration information is used?

It's very important that the current settings on the phones are not affected by the .cfg files (which will not contain any settings other than the firmware info). The actual phone configuration needs to stay on the phone for now.


RE: Just firmware - johnkiniston - 07-12-2018 06:59 PM

You must specify the file on the firmwareurl line.

You can have all your files in the same directory.

I'd use a model specific config file for this, the y00000000XX.cfg file that gets read per model.