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RPS & Autoprovisioning issues - 247-support - 07-11-2018 04:13 AM

Hi All,

I seem to be having a great deal of issues with RPS + Custom configuration Templates.

Currently i am using the following setup : Yealink RPS service which redirects al the devices to https://<mysite>
In this folder i have the following 2 files a mac-based bootfile eg. "805ec028e24f.boot" and a cfg file called "phone.cfg" with code snippets below.

I have used the 83.30 templates for auto provisioning and currently what is happening is one of 2 things:
1. Phone redirects successfully then after attempting to update i get the message "Update Skipped" and nothing changes on the phone.
2. Phone redirects successfully then after attempting to update i get the message "Config Updated" but none of the configurations have been applied

I did get the setup working at one point except for the wallpaper which still is a mystery why it wont upload but alas, I am hoping someone out there may be able to spot something that i have missed, any help would be greatly appreciated

The code snippets are below:
## The header above must appear as-is in the first line

##[$MODEL]include:config <xxx.cfg>
##[$MODEL,$MODEL]include:config "xxx.cfg"  
[$T46S]include:config <phone.cfg>
overwrite_mode = 1
## The header above must appear as-is in the first line

##[$MODEL]include:config <xxx.cfg>
##[$MODEL,$MODEL]include:config "xxx.cfg"  
[$T46S]include:config <phone.cfg>
overwrite_mode = 1


##File header "#!version:" can not be edited or deleted, and must be placed in the first line.##
##account.X.*:(T54S/T48G/T48S/T46G/T46S/T29G: X ranges from 1 to 16. T52S/T42G/T42S: X ranges from 1 to 12. T41P/T41S/T27P/T27G: X ranges from 1 to 6. T40P/T40G/T23P/T23G: X ranges from 1 to 3. T21(P) E2: X ranges from 1 to 2.)##

account.1.label = Test
account.1.display_name = Test
account.1.register_name = ************
account.1.user_name = ***********
account.1.password = ************
account.1.sip_server.1.address = *********
account.1.sip_server.1.port = 5060
account.1.sip_server.1.transport_type = 0
account.1.sip_server.1.expires = 99
account.1.sip_server.1.retry_counts = 3
account.1.nat.rport = 1

static.wui.http_enable = 1
static.wui.https_enable = 1 = 247 = 248

wallpaper_upload.url =
phone_setting.backgrounds = Resource:Config:logo.jpg
local_time.dhcp_time = 0
local_time.manual_time_enable = 0
local_time.time_zone = +10
local_time.time_zone_name = Australia (Sydney)
local_time.time_format = 0
local_time.date_format = 0
static.zero_touch.enable = 1
static.auto_provision.power_on = 1
static.auto_provision.repeat.enable = 1
static.auto_provision.repeat.minutes = 5
firmware.url =
upgrade_firmware =
dialplan.replace.line_id.1 = 1
dialplan.replace.replace.1 = 1
dialplan.replace.prefix.1 = 82038204

So far i know its not a permission issues as i can browse to the files in a web browser, but aside that im in the dark. I am using a T46S with the latest firmware update.

Cheers guys

RE: RPS & Autoprovisioning issues - johnkiniston - 07-12-2018 07:02 PM

in your .boot file


include:config "phone.cfg"

Don't specify the model or anything.

Have you looked at your http logs? is the phone downloading or is an error being generated in the logs?