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T20P Issues uploading VPN configuration - mikeymike20 - 06-04-2018 12:06 PM

We are experiencing issues uploading the VPN configuration TAR file to the T20P handset from the Web UI

I believe the TAR file is built correctly but when uploading the file to the phone from the Web UI the web page states the upload is successful, refreshes and then the operation seems to revert and the config is not loaded and VPN cannot be enabled.

I have attempted several different browsers..etc with no luck.

I have set the SYSLOG level to 6 on the phone but nothing is logged regarding the upload of the configuration.

Is this an issue anyone else has experienced?


RE: T20P Issues uploading VPN configuration - Michael_Yealink - 06-13-2018 07:24 AM

Hi Customer,

Thanks for your information

For VPN of T20, we can only support Open VPN , please double check below VPN guide to see if everything is correct:

If the issue still exist, please attach the tar here or send it to me at then I will double check to see if any issue and feedback to you ASAP.