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T46S Call Hiccups - igendreau - 05-24-2018 03:22 PM

We just launched our VOIP system. We are using Vonage's Business Cloud service with Yealink T46S handsets on the desk. We've had really bad repeated pauses on our calls, and have had Vonage and our networking company searching for something in the firewall, switches, you name it. Everything looks like it's setup correctly.

After a few days online, it appears that all of the issues are occurring when using the Yealink. The call is crystal clear, it just hiccups. Short bursts of total silence that break up the voice. I've timed them to look for a pattern, but no luck. I've attached a sample (of some weird number where people just read phrases) and the hiccups occur at :03, :18, and :38. The recording is a pretty mild case. It can be difficult to understand the person on the other end sometimes.

New to Yealinks, but familiar with the web interface by now. Anyone have any ideas of where I should look to see if I can tweak the config to get rid of the hiccup? Any direction is much appreciated. Thanks!

RE: T46S Call Hiccups - complex1 - 05-24-2018 06:26 PM


Hiccups usually occur when there is a lot of jitter or delay in the VoIP traffic.
Please check if the jitter buffer settings are on default values.
Settings > Voice > Jitter Buffer
Type: Adaptive
Min/Max/Nor Delay: 60/240/120

Hope this will help.

RE: T46S Call Hiccups - igendreau - 06-06-2018 01:44 PM

Finally got this ironed out. A firmware update ended up doing the trick. Odd since we have 3 locations. All were using the same firmware. 2 of the 3 locations were on Comcast Business Cable and those 2 locations had no issues. Location 3 has Fiber, better service, better speed and was having the issues. Upgrading the firmware only in Location 3 fixed all the hiccups. No issues in any of the locations now.

RE: T46S Call Hiccups - complex1 - 06-06-2018 02:12 PM


Glad to see the issue has been resolved and thank you for sharing your solution.