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3CX + T48 automatic transfer?! - DennisT - 07-29-2015 10:17 PM

New 3CX install (V12.5 SP2) using T48 phones (

Here's what is happening:
User receives a call (internal or external).
Talks to caller for a short period. Then presses a preprogrammed soft key that connects to a paging ring group.
Instead of the T48 connecting to the page ring group the incoming call is transferred to it.

This happens with the incoming call has been placed on hold or not.

Transfer button is NOT pressed and the transfer is not expected or wanted. If no calls are involved the pressing of the soft keys works as expected.

The soft keys that access the paging groups (there are 2 of them) are programmed as speed dials, Here's the code in the provisioning file:
#Configure Line Key1
linekey.1.line = 0
linekey.1.value = 801
linekey.1.pickup_value =
linekey.1.type = 13
linekey.1.label = Page All

#Configure Line Key2
linekey.2.line = 0
linekey.2.value = 804
linekey.2.pickup_value =
linekey.2.type = 13
linekey.2.label = Page Prodn

How do I fix this?

RE: 3CX + T48 automatic transfer?! - DennisT - 07-29-2015 11:52 PM

I may have determined a fix to this. I set the following in the provisioning file:
transfer.dsskey_deal_type = 0

This sets the Features -> Transfer -> Transfer Mode via Dsskey to New Call.

Initial testing seems to work.