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T5X replacing T4X? - - 05-10-2018 06:53 PM

Does anyone know if the T4x products are going to be EoL soon in favor of the T5x line? I was unable to find anything in documentation that I could find. Trying to get ahead of it if we should be phasing out deployment of the T46S in favor of the T54S, for example. Thank you!

RE: T5X replacing T4X? - Evan_Yealink - 05-11-2018 05:59 AM

Dear Customer,

This is Evan from Yealink Support Team, I am glad to answer this question for you!

For your question:

1. Different area have different end-of-life plans. It depends on our area distributors.

2. Yealink doesn't have the end-of-life plan of T5X series and T4XS series phones currently.

3. We will release the statement in our official website once have the related model end-of-life plan.

In addition, T5X series phones are different product lines. So no "T5X replacing T4X" this statement currently.

Please let me know if anything we could help.

Best Regards,
Evan You