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XML Error - Hartwig - 04-20-2018 03:50 PM


i get an File Layout error when i execute this file and choosen the option oeffnen

When a call in a browser, i get an answer


I think, that den XML Browser need an other answer. Is there an other way to send information to an webservice


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<Title wrap="yes" >MFR</Title>

<Prompt>Gardine Tuere</Prompt>
<SoftKey index="1">

<SoftKey index="3">

RE: XML Error - Lucia_Yealink - 04-23-2018 08:06 AM

HI Hartwig´╝î

If I don't misunderstand you, you mean you put the URI in the broswer directly, the phone can show OK;18781;1; can you provide a screenshot of the phone for me?
Also, can you explain what is the purpose to use this URI? What is the scenario?
Accept above information, please provide the information below, I will let our R&D do further analyse:
1. Provide the 30xml file
2. Provide the level 6 syslog, config.bin and PCAP when you reproduce the issue(Update the firmware to the latest version before test). Refer to the FAQ to collect the files:

BTW, how many phones you have in total? What is the phone model and firmware?


RE: XML Error - Hartwig - 04-23-2018 11:47 AM


first i found the problem.

The purpose of the URI is a REST API of a smarthome system.

With the URI i can open or close the curtain, or start an light with the phone.

The Problem was, that the xml browser produce an file layout error, when the rest-api return an html answer instead of an xml answer.

i found a way to include a php tag in the xml file that return an answer in an xml tag.