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W56P registering to W60B - Synchronizing please try later - Trey - 04-17-2018 10:22 PM


I have anew W56H handset I am trying to register to a W60 Base, and no matter what I do, I get Synchronizing, please try later message when I try and register.
It searches and finds the correct base, and when I put in the PIN code, I get the synchronizing error.
When I go to Handset status it says W56P, but the box clearly states W56H.
The W60B is firmware, the other handsets are, and the new one I am trying to register is
I found a forum that said something about the phone book might be causing this, but I don't have remote phonebook, and even when I turn off all the handsets, and unplug the Ethernet I still get the error.

Update: It appears now, whenever I try and register the new handset, it still gives me the error, but afterwards, none of the existing handsets work correctly. Outgoing audio works fine, but incoming audio to the handset is either non existent, or staticky. I have to reboot the base in order to clear it.

RE: W56P registering to W60B - Synchronizing please try later - anonymous1718628087441 - 04-19-2018 02:58 AM

Dear Customer,

Yes, the handset model should be W56H. Can you please provide a picture that it says W56P?

Regarding this issue, please check the followings,
1. Do you have any other DECT phones around? If you do, there may be a frequency interference.
2. How many existing handsets do you have? Can you check on the web GUI of the W60 if the max handset number is set to 8?
It's on the web GUI>Features>General Information>Max number of Registered handsets.
3. If above is not helpful, please have a try to reset the base and this handsets.
4. If reset doen't help, please try upgrade the firmware.

Kind Regards
Samuel Wang

RE: W56P registering to W60B - Synchronizing please try later - complex1 - 04-20-2018 01:05 AM


Please follow next steps:
1. De-register the existing W56H handset(s) from the base.
2. Register the new W56P handset(s) to the base.
3. Upgrade the firmware to make them W56H.
4. Re-register the existing W56H handset(s) again.

Hope this will help.

RE: W56P registering to W60B - Synchronizing please try later - digiaustin - 08-03-2021 08:58 AM

Sorry it's 3 years later, but incase there is anyone else with this issue, check your firmware.

My firmware for the W56P was and I was trying to connect it to a W60B with that error.

Luckily I have an older base station W52P/W56P. I figured I'd give it a try. Sure enough it connected just fine.

I was able to upgrade the firmware to through the old base and then connect to the new base.

Here's what I think the problem is. The older bases didn't support more than 5 phones and I already had 5 phones connected. My guess is that because the firmware on the handset was before the support for 8 phones it was having an issue connecting to a base station with 4+ phones. (I think this because I connected 4 phones with the latest firmware and 1 phone with the firmware <61.80.0.X to the W60B base station but the 5th phone also had the old firmware and failed each time.)

After an update it worked no problem.

Hope this helps someone!