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Multiple USB devices on T4xS phones - AEH - 04-13-2018 03:30 PM

Is it possible/supported to use a USB hub on the T4xS phones? Lets say I want to use a Bluetooth and WiFi at the same time for example. Should almost any USB hub work?

RE: Multiple USB devices on T4xS phones - Evan_Yealink - 04-16-2018 07:03 AM

Dear Customer, good day!

This is Evan from Yealink Technical Support Team, I'm glad to answer this question.

we have not done tested this request currently, so we cannot guarantee it will be compatible with our phones. But I tested locally with the USB hub, it can work well with WiFi and Bluetooth features.

The model is T48S, the firmware is

In addition, may I know how many phones do you have in total? And may I know why do you have this request? What is the detail scenario?

It would be appreciated if you can share more detail with me. So I can ask out testing department to see if they can help test or not.

Please don't hesitate contact us if anything we could help.

Best Regards,
Evan You