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EHS36 with firmware & T38G - lorn10 - 03-02-2018 07:42 PM

Hi there! Smile

I have the following question. Is the Yealink EHS36 (Wireless Headset Adapter) with firmware compatible to older EOL Yealink phones like the T38G series?

I want to use a Yealink T38G (fw with a new Yealink EHS36 in conjunction with a Plantronics CS540 wireless headset. Unfortunately it does NOT work. The cables are all 100% right connected.

Out of my view there exist most likely an incompatibility between the new EHS36 (fw and the old T38G. The new EHS36 4.x firmware is most likely optimized for the T4x series IP phone models.

Can someone from Yealink confirm here the supposed incompatibility between a new EHS36 and an old T38G?

If this is true, can I make a downgrade from new EHS36 4.x firmware to an older one?

Kind regards

RE: EHS36 with firmware & T38G - lorn10 - 04-15-2018 04:24 PM


Is there any Yealink Support present or not?

It would be great to know if there exist any compatibility problems with new EHS36 4.x firmware and older Yealink phones.


RE: EHS36 with firmware & T38G - lorn10 - 09-17-2018 02:48 PM

Unfortunately the information practice of Yealink is catastrophic. Instead of telling me how to downgrade a EHS36 firmware they send me now a headset compatibility list. This really doesn't help anything. :-(

Is it now possible to make a downgrade of a new EHS36 to an older firmware?

It seems that any newer EHS36 models comes now with firmware installed. Unfortunately this FW is completely incompatible with any older Yealink IP phones like the T38G models. (T38G firmware, Headset model: Plantronics CS540)

There should exist absolutely a compatibility list or compatibility matrix regarding the EHS36 firmware. That list should then define which EHS36 firmware level needs which Yealink IP phones (and firmware).

Out of mine view the EHS36 v4.16.0.0 firmware is only made for the T4x (and newer) Yealink IP phones. This would then mean that any older firmware, like the v3.16.0.0 version should be T38G compliant.

Unofficial EHS36 Compatibility Matrix (by lorn10, NOT confirmed by Yealink!):
[updated on 20.09.2018]

Firmware v4.16.0.0 --> Yealink T4x phones with V8x firmware
Firmware v3.16.0.0 --> Yealink T2x, T3x, T4x phones with V7x (V71, V72, V73) and early V8x firmware
Firmware v2.16.0.0 --> Yealink T3x phones with V70 firmware
Firmware v1.16.0.0 --> Yealink T2x or T3x phones with V6x firmware

Kind regards from Central Europe

RE: EHS36 with firmware & T38G - lorn10 - 09-18-2018 01:21 PM

Here follows a last little statusupdate:

After downgrading to EHS36 firmware v2.16.0.0 the Plantronics CS540 wireless headset has started to work as it should! :-D

So it is exactly as I assumed. There is definitely a compatibility problem with EHS36 firmware v4.16.0.0 in conjunction with older V7x firmware based phones.

Note, - to make a downgrade, the T38G phone has do be set to firmware Only this specific version contains the EHS36 firmware file.

Interestingly I am now on firmware v2.16.0.0 and not v3.16.0.0. So that version seems to be the original one for the Yealink T3x IP phone series.

I have now updated the EHS36 firmware matrix in my previous post.

Kind regards from Central Europe