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T46 message button programming for comedian mail - Tom831 - 03-02-2018 06:05 PM

Our phone setup requires T46 users to enter a comedian mail mailbox number and password after touching the T46 message button.

I found where to program the message button in the phone Web interface.

From the documentation, I created a command to dial voice mail, pause, dial mailbox number, pause, and enter the password.


When I set this in the phone configuration and press the message button on the T46, I get a message that says, "Using secondary trunk to terminate your call."

I reduced the command string to: *124$Cp4$7091$Cp2$1234#Tdtmf$

Still get the same message.

I tried programming a DSS button and got the same result.

Further reading indicates that this function has to be provisioned in order for these strings to work:
features.enhanced_dss_keys.enable = 1

Is this correct?

Any thoughts?



RE: T46 message button programming for comedian mail - Tom831 - 03-06-2018 05:50 AM

#Here's working code.

#123 is the mailbox extension
#8700 is the maibox number
#1111 is the mailbox password
#linekey.5 programs the fifth button on the T46
#linekey.5.label sets the label on button five to "VM"

#This code is entered into phone's provisioning template. It may be possible to enter the dialing string in the DSS button entry on the phone's Web interface.

#Creates Voicemail Dial-in function
edk.edklist.2.enable = 1
edk.edklist.2.mname = VM
edk.edklist.2.action = *123$Cwc$8700$Tdtmf$$Cp6$1111#$Tdtmf$

#Programs key to call Voicemail Dial-in function
linekey.5.type = 73
linekey.5.value = !VM
linekey.5.line = 0
linekey.5.label = VM

#Other programming examples would be appreciated, like dialing a bridge line - phone number, bridge line number, 1 for confirmation.