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Customizing phone user interface - mdu113 - 07-24-2015 04:57 AM


Is there a way to customize phone user interface?
There are features accessible through user interface that I don't want my user to play with or even see.
For example DSS Keys settings. I don't want my users to see or play with it. Also local call forwarding. All forwarding in my system is done server-side and I'd like to hide that as well.
Also I don't use Broadsoft. Is there way to hide Broadsoft directory option?

Another ugly thing is whenever I pick up, let's say line 1, the top line of the phone display shows line 1 auth name. Why on earth it shows auth name (which in my case is cryptic set of digits and letters) and not the line label is completely beyond me. Hopefully it's a bug. I wonder if that can be changed too.

The phone model is T38G with the latest firmware.
Please let me know if something can be done about these user interface problems.


RE: Customizing phone user interface - Yealink_Michael - 07-24-2015 05:40 AM

hi Michael

you can tell change the admin password and tell your customer to use the user account to log in the web page of Yealink phone

user name : user
password : user

RE: Customizing phone user interface - mdu113 - 07-24-2015 05:48 AM

no, the problem is password isn't required to access all those features.
all user needs to do on the phone is to go to Menu->Features->DSS Keys->Line keys and he/she can screw the phone to unusable condition.
So my question again is there a way to customize phone user interface to hide unneeded features?