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T46G/S Multicast on PC Port Issue - MiKeDaDoC - 12-30-2017 12:03 AM

Hi there,

we got a few hundred T46G and T46S in use. We connect them directly to some Cisco 2960x switches, we are using LLDP for Voice VLAN provisioning, use 802.1x as well and connect the computers (one behind one phone only) at the pc port using a diffrent VLAN. This works like a charm.

Now we got a video surveilance Software by Panasonic which will send Multicast stream from the cameras to a few computers behind some T46G/S phones

For the first 5 seconds the Multicast stream works fine, but then it stops. Connecting the Computer direct on the Cisco Switch is working, so my multicast Routing is fine.

My question at this Point would be:
Is there anything like a storm control for multicast or anything that would stop the multicast packets from getting to the PC port after a while on the T46G/S phones? And if so, can it be turned off?

when a computer is directly connected to the switch, the mutlicast group is queried by IGMP v2.
When behind a T46G/S it only manages to query the multicast group by using IGMP v1. Guess that is part of the problem.
Seems like the Yealink phone won't handle/pass IGMP v2 requests right. Can anyone confirm this behaviour? Anyone using Mutlicast traffic on the PC Port off a T46G/S and the underlying service, such as a video recording/camera system is in need of IGMP v2 Support?


RE: T46G/S Multicast on PC Port Issue - Elaine_Yealink - 01-05-2018 06:44 AM

Hi there,

The latest version fixes this issue by adding parameters to steam control. Please upgrade to this version and test:

This parameter configures the protecting mode for Ethernet port. Value ranges from 0-4;
network.storm_filtering_mode = 2

These parameters configures the speed of Lan/wan/mii port. Value ranges from 1-3 reflecting to 10M/100M/1000M.
network.storm_filtering.lan_speed = 2
network.storm_filtering.wan_speed = 2
network.storm_filtering.mii_speed = 2

These parameters configures protecting level Ethernet port. Value ranges from 1-5. Level goes stronger as value raise up.
network.storm_filtering.lan_bsp_level = 4
network.storm_filtering.wan_bsp_level = 4
network.storm_filtering.mii_bsp_level = 4

The values above are default values on the latest firmware. If upgrading firmware does not fix your issue, please try reduce the parameters.


RE: T46G/S Multicast on PC Port Issue - MiKeDaDoC - 02-18-2018 05:45 PM


wanted to give Firmware and changed network.storm Settings are working for the multicast problem I had. Big Grin

For anyone interessted I used the following Settings:

network.storm_filtering_mode = 1

network.storm_filtering.lan_speed = 3
network.storm_filtering.wan_speed = 3
network.storm_filtering.mii_speed = 3

network.storm_filtering.lan_bsp_level = 1
network.storm_filtering.wan_bsp_level = 1
network.storm_filtering.mii_bsp_level = 1

I will check the next weeks if this is working for T56A, too. There is a new .40 FW released Wink