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Unfortunately my USB headset does not work on the T58V.

I use a Jabra Evolve 80.

The USB port always switches on and off

IS this a Bug`?

RE: - USB Headset dosnt work - Elaine_Yealink - 12-13-2017 06:15 AM

Dear customer,

Not sure it is a firmware issue or connection issue, please do as follows and provide syslog(level 6) and config.bin for troubleshooting:

1.Go to web page-->Settings-->Configuration page to set local syslog to 6, see attached picture for reference.
2. connect USB headset to USB port.
3. make sure there is no one touch the USB dongle and wait for it on and off by default.
4. export syslog and config.bin from Configuration page. Then send to us.

Also, please check how often does the USB turning on and off.

Looking forward to hear from you.