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Yealink - Jarad - 11-27-2017 03:30 PM

I'm using Yealink T46G phones on a 3CX server and I am testing the new firmware before I push out the upgrade.

I have put this new firmware out on a few test desk phones and it's causing issues with placing and picking up shared parking slots. I've been testing to see if I can find a resolution, but so far nothing.

I do notice though in the web console of the desk phone 'Features > Pickup & Park > Call Park', that the 'Call Park Mode' setting has changed. In the newer firmware, only 'FAC' is available to use. In the older firmware that still works, located in 'Features > Call Pickup > Call Park' that the 'Call Park Mode' is set by default to 'XSI'.

The phone I'm currently testing on is a T46G with a hardware version of and running firmware

After several factory resets and firmware reinstallation, the problem persists. I was referred to this forum from the 3CX support forum. Staff of that forum informed me they were in contact with Yealink who recommended it.