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T4X Series - PC Audio Only - dkulesza - 11-15-2017 12:46 AM

Is there anyway to place the T4X into a PC audio only mode? I'm sure this seems like a strange request, but with the Lync 2010 Attendant it makes a lot of sense. Right now when a call comes in both the Attendant (PC) and Handset ring. The handset receives the PC Audio call and the SIP call.

Would be nice to disable SIP calls on the handset and only have PC Audio come through. This would allow Lync Auto Attendant 2010 work well (since it's not fully BTOE compatible).

RE: T4X Series - PC Audio Only - Lucia_Yealink - 11-16-2017 08:38 AM

Dear Sir,

When you pair the BToE with the phone, and there is a imcoming call to the phone, both of the handset and PC will ring. If you only want the PC ring, you can log out the account in the phone. But if you want to answer the call in PC only, you can choose the voice device in the SFB client as PC microphone and Speaker rather than the SFB phone.

If any misunderstanding, please figure out to me.

Best Regards,