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Problems with the new Yealink T48S Provisioning - Skamqi - 11-06-2017 01:25 PM

Hello there,

i have a few questions about the Yealink T48S
We got installed a new AskoziaPBX Telephone Server by our customer.

We tried to use the auto-provisioning to set the correct time and date over the ntp Server.

The Phones recognized the correct servers and the other stuff, but the time didnt change!

So we tried to fix this problem but nothing helped!

And other question is the SoftKey construct.

I have the same phone in use an have other softkeys on my screen then our customers.
Our customer want to have the local contact directory on the startscreen, and not the ldap contactmenü.

Which setting i have to set on the phone, to see the local contacts when i click on the telephonebook symbol on the startscreen softkeys?

Can i set the font size higher for better read? Our customer ask for a bigger font becouse in the company are more older persons.

The last qeustion is, the about the saerch function in the contact menu.

When i typed in a letter, i see all contacts whcih have the letter i typed in the name.
Can i set it to a search funktion, which shows only the hits which starts with the letter i type?

SO if i type "L" i want to see

and not marceL

Is that possible?



RE: Problems with the new Yealink T48S Provisioning - Elaine_Yealink - 11-08-2017 07:22 AM

Hi Skamqi,
Please see my answers below:
1. NTP issue: after setting the NTP server, you also need to select time zone. Please check if the timezone is set to your country.
Parameter to change time zone:
local_time.time_zone= (value range: -11 to +14, and default is +8)
Or you can change it on phone UI under: Menu->Basic->Time&Date->General->2. Time Zone.

2. Setting local directory:
Login to the web interface of the device -> go to Directory ->Setting -> Select only local directory for the Directory field. See below picture.
After that, when you click on telephone book symbol, you will only find local directory.

3. About font:
Sorry that we don't support adjusting font on the phone. Yealink phones support many languages and the font has been adjusted to the best size to fit different language words.

4. About search method:
We support T9 search method, same as mobile phone and the majority SIP phones in the market. This is the most popular one at the moment. If you want to find the contact more accurately, we suggest to input two more letters. That will greatly reduce the candidates.