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Same handset, different firmware? - complex1 - 10-10-2017 12:50 PM


I’m slightly confused about same DECT handsets with different firmware levels…
What is the difference between the new W56H for W60P base and W56H for W52P&W56P base?
Why different handset firmware’s?
Can’t you use a W56H ( together with a W56P ( base?
Also the same question for W52H ( and
Or is the firmware only for cosmetic purposes?

Thank you.

RE: Same handset, different firmware? - Lucia_Yealink - 10-11-2017 07:20 AM

Dear Frank,

Hope you everything goes wellShy
For the new handset of W60(, the hardware are almost the same with the old handset(, but the firmware are different. For the new firmware is to compatiable with the new base.
The new base are different with the old base both on hardware and software.

Yes, the new handset can work with the old base(
Also, the old handset can work with the new base. But please note, the new base are more powerful and add more features, there are some features the old handset version can not support.

So we would suggest you upgrade the old handset to the latest firmware version to connect to the new base.

Best Regards,