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Dsskey Hotdesk - Enrica - 08-18-2017 02:09 PM

We use a Yealink T46S with 5 accounts configured.

Not all accounts should active always on this phone, but two of them always. I thought that Hotdesking is the correct function. But wrong. Yealink's hotdesk ereases all account from phone. After reset an account only one is active. So this isn't usable for us.

So I have a feature request for a further Dsskey function. Activate/deactivate of preconfigured accounts. There should be an option with or without password question. We don't need the password because we have a small office which is locked if nobody is there.

An alternative could be the line key. Hold longer then 2 seconds deactivates the account.


RE: Dsskey Hotdesk - Samuel_Yealink - 08-22-2017 02:22 AM

Dear Enrica,
Thanks for the suggestion, indeed we can not fulfill your request at this moment.
If you configure a DSS key for Hot Desking and it will clear all the accounts on the phone, and only register the account 1 when you login.
However we can ask the PM and R&D to evaluate your suggestion on this feature, to do this we need a little more infomation from you, please advise below,
1. Your identification. Who are you in which country/area? Distributor?Reseller or End user?
2. How many Yealink phones do you have, and what is the sales potential of you if you are a distributor or reseller.
3. Is this feature necessary? and How does it affect your user experience? or How does it affect your sales?
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Samuel Wang