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Audible ring when on a call - jholcombe - 07-28-2017 02:35 PM

Dear Yealink,

Has any progress, attempt, or effort been made to make the phone ring aloud when a user is on a call? I recall that it was a feature request at some time, but I don't know if it ever made the cut. This would be an extremely helpful option. Everything else (except the buttons needing occasional cleaning because they become hard to press) about the phones is great. This is the one thing that I get a lot of complaints about from my users because they went from a Nortel system that did ring when the user was on a call. Cisco phones apparently have this capability. Maybe I need to look into those.

There are many other links but this message gets blocked as spam when I try to post it if I include those.

Thank you,


RE: Audible ring when on a call - jolouis - 07-31-2017 02:43 PM

Unfortunately the answer is no. There was a thread about this recently when Yealink said they were going to implement this feature in the latest firmware, and then a report from one of the engineers came back saying that it was not possible to do without a major hardware change. Seems to have been a serious internal flaw in the design of the hardware, in that from all indications whoever was responsible for that never expected the possibility of having to handle more than one stream of audio at the same time.

These days it would most likely be trivial to fix by adding a second DAC/additional component to the circuit and adjusting how things are handled in the phones, but I suspect while many users have asked for it there has not been enough real demand (i.e. customer says they won't buy 5000 T48s unless this is fixed) to justify the cost of the hardware redesign/changes.

As always it's a cost/features/desires equation. (I have seen customers who wanted this, but when told it would double cost of their deployment to go with Cisco equipment continued to complain and yet never shown actual interest in the hardware change. On the other hand others have stuck with their 20 year old Nortel because "nothing is as good if it lacks something as small as that!"). YMMV

RE: Audible ring when on a call - jholcombe - 08-06-2017 05:58 AM

Thank you Jolouis - that is the exact problem I'm running into -- a 20 year old Nortel system because it will ring when users are on a call.

Does anyone know if the T5X series phones can ring through the speaker when on a call?

Thank you,


RE: Audible ring when on a call - nolavoip - 08-06-2017 09:37 AM

I haven't come across any VoIP phones that have been able to do this (ring out loud while on a call)
I wonder why this is...????
I don't really understand WHY this can't be done.....if 20 year old phone systems can do this.....why can't we do this in 2017???