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T42G dhcp issue - Neway - 06-14-2017 10:09 AM

we have mixed environment with Polycom VVX and Yealink T42g phones.
Phones should receive DHCP address from voice vlan and tagging is configured on HP 5130 switches. CheckPoint firewall acts as default gateway between VLANS with allow all rule.
Problem is, that with LLDP enabled or DHCP Vlan option or even manualy vlan tag set yealink phones do not receive ip address. If i disable VLAN option completely phones succesfully receive ip address but from data vlan.
I would suspect switch configuration, but polycom phones do receive ip addresses from voice vlan without any configuration tweaking.
Can someone advise what should be checked?

RE: T42G dhcp issue - Karl_Yealink - 06-15-2017 03:01 AM


Please apply some info below for us, so we can check more.
1. The firmware version of your phone?
2. How many phones in your side, all Yealink phones can't get voice VLAN?
3. Do you enable CDP? Maybe you can disable then test again.
4. Please help us to get the PCAP and syslog and config.bin file.
Please disable VLAN option, then access web interface->set system log level to 6.
Then enable LLDP->reboot phone->if the phone can't get IP address, please set static IP then access web interface and export the system log and config.bin file.
5. If you have a HUB in your side, please also help us capture the PCAP file.