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RE: Enter SIP Server on phone interface - complex1 - 06-01-2017 04:55 PM

afsfwmw90rfj Wrote:Is there any chance I chanced some setting like the MAC address or something, so that now I cannot access the menu on a browser?

As far as I know is it not possible to change the MAC address of a Yealink phone.
If you have accidentally changed other settings, that’s why I asked you to reset the phone to factory default so the phone will have all working default settings again.

Please check 1)your network cable from switch to phone, 2)try a other network port, 3)check the IPv4 Status by pressing OK button, then select Network > IPv4 Status of your phone.
(WAN Type, WAN IP, WAN MASK, Def. Gateway, Pri. DNS, Sec. DNS)