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Yeahlink T46G Missed call history - muhammadbilal - 07-09-2015 12:08 PM

Hi guys,
Can we remove the missed call / call history banner from the screen of T42G but can see the missed calls in history.
Actually i've disabled the missed call logs from phone by going to Accounts and basic and disable missed call logs (through GUI), but actually i want to remove the banner but to see the missed calls on the phone when i press history button. Right now with this change i am unable to see missed calls by any mean. However i can view received / dialled / fwd etc but not missed calls.

Any suggestions

Muhammad Bilal

RE: Yeahlink T46G Missed call history - Karl_Yealink - 07-09-2015 01:42 PM

Hi Muhammad,

About you issue,I will show you how to do below.
1.Go to web user interface.
2.Go to Feature->Notification Popups.
3.Choose Display Missed Calii Popup to disabled.

Hope this can help you.
Please feel free to contact with us any question!

RE: Yeahlink T46G Missed call history - muhammadbilal - 07-09-2015 01:53 PM

Hi Karl,
Thanks for your reply
On the features section i am unable to locate Notification Popups section. I am using T46G with firmware.
may be in this model / firmware the location is different or the option is with some other name.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Karl,
Thanks for your support, i just checked in V73 this pop up notification option is available.
So now i want your expert opinion now. I have many phones which are on auto provisioning, but some of the phones are not auto provisioned as i put hot-desking in it. Now i want to update V73 in all hot-desking phones but i am confused, if i update the firmware it will automatically starts with auto provisioning and will take the settings from server.
Right now i am make all provisions to to "OFF" from settings -> Auto provisioning.

Can you help


RE: Yeahlink T46G Missed call history - jmoore - 06-22-2016 07:58 PM


A great alternative I can recommend is to try out a CTI like Callinize that provides this feature. They have an analytics page where you will see a lot of information about your call history as well as data for your whole organization. Here is a list of their integrations