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T46G BLF Lights Not Working - MakoNet - 04-10-2017 03:02 AM


We have a client who is running 6x Yealink T46G handsets. Handsets are all running firmware versions

All handsets are configured with multiple BLF keys see attached screenshot for BLF config example.

We are finding when you press the BLF keys they call the intended extension correctly however all handsets BLF status lights are continuously solid green and do not change when busy or ringing.

We have a handset here in our office (remote to the client) configured exactly the same and the BLF status lights work fine.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


RE: T46G BLF Lights Not Working - jolouis - 04-10-2017 02:59 PM

What PBX are you using? If the same phone model, firmware and config works on your remote phone you may want to do a packet trace/check the local phone syslog and compare it to yours to make sure the BLF subscription is actually working and you see the notification packets being sent and received properly.

That will at least help determine if it's a problem with the phone itself (i.e. receiving notifications but ignoring or not doing anything) vs the setup (i.e. typo in config value, wrong config being sent to PBX, PBX not sending notifications etc).

RE: T46G BLF Lights Not Working - MakoNet - 04-11-2017 03:24 AM

Thanks for your response Jolouis.

Our provider uses Opensips at the front and also utilizes FreeSwitch clusters.

We will be installing an interim router in the next couple of days for testing. At the same time we will run a pcap and export syslog for review.


RE: T46G BLF Lights Not Working - Lucia_Yealink - 04-11-2017 07:40 AM

HI James´╝î

You can provide the level 6 syslog, config.bin and pace trace when reproduce the issue for us to do troubleshooting.
About how to do get the files, please refer the FAQ below:

To make a comparison, it would be better if you can provide the three files of the work-well phone.

Thank you

RE: T46G BLF Lights Not Working - Dryden - 04-11-2017 09:01 PM


If you are using the updated firmware, make sure that the network infrastructure is supporting SIP. Most commercial grade routers and firewalls come out of the box with SIP ALG enabled. This will manipulate SIP packets and can cause latency on the BLF keys. Remote in to the clients firewall or router, and check to see the Status of SIP ALG and consistent NAT.

SIP based solutions need SIP ALG disabled.