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T29G Phone Hangup - fazil - 04-09-2017 12:33 PM


One of my T29G not booting up. Its showing only "Welcome Please Wait"

I do reset by pressing Hash button while power on. No use.

Tried to update firmware via FTP on boot up. Even that one also failed.

See the attached picture for more reference.

RE: T29G Phone Hangup - Lucia_Yealink - 04-10-2017 10:00 AM

For your problem, please contact your distributor to do recovery mode for you.
After the recovery update, if the issue still exist, it should be a hardware issue, please also contact your distributor to do RMA.


RE: T29G Phone Hangup - Fraukas2 - 06-20-2017 01:59 PM

Are you PoE or with the AC Adapter ?

Had that problem once and switched to an AC adapter instead of PoE
Make sure you have the proper adapter.
5V 2A for the T29G +
5V 1.2A for the T23G -

Sorry about that, just saw the wire in the picture.
Make sure you get a 5V 2A adapter then.