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Autoprovisioning v81 on Metaswitch - Jason77 - 02-23-2017 05:03 PM

We need to support the Yealink T4XS phones on our Metaswitch deployment however the currently available XX.81.0.20 or XX.81.0.25 firmware do not have support for the metaswitch commportal applications (visual voicemail, etc.). We have written our own endpoint pack to use the T4XS phones but our customers need access to commportal apps in order to keep the current functionality.

When do you expect to have a metaswitch commportal enabled firmware available for download? If this is not going to be available soon we may have to stop supporting Yealink phones on our network for any customers who need upgrades or new phones.

RE: Autoprovisioning v81 on Metaswitch - Peter_Yealink - 02-27-2017 08:14 AM

Hello Jason,

Thanks for your support to Yealink, actually we are in the final process in developing V81 firmware for Metaswitch and the certification with Metaswitch will be started soon, we are expected to get the certificated endpoint(including firmware) around Q2 2017. At that time the whole T4XS will be compatible with Metaswitch.


Best Regards.