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Call Park Caller ID - Eldon - 02-21-2017 06:52 PM

I have T27G phones with the latest firmware connected to Emetrotel UCX50 server.
When a call is placed on Park and is picked up by another ext. the caller id info does not show, only the park location. I have made 2 adds to the config file.
account.1.cp_source = 0
features.pickup_caller_num_record.enable = 1

Still no caller Id on park pickup. Any suggestions?

RE: Call Park Caller ID - Peter_Yealink - 02-27-2017 07:17 AM

Hello Eldon,

If parameters "features.pickup_caller_num_record.enable = 1" be added, phone will record two calllog in History, one for the caller ID and another for the park location.
You can see from the screenshot, "101A 101" is the caller ID and "SP0" is the park location. If this parameters are not added, it only displays the park location "SP0".
If it didn't perform as above described on your side, please let us know your current firmware version, PCAP trace, syslog, config.bin files, please send them to


Best Regards.