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Experiences with VQ RTCP-XR ? - oliv - 02-16-2017 10:51 AM


I'm planning to give VQ RTCP-XR a try.
I would be very curious to learn about past experiences with it.

My target setup is:
Yealink phone <--> ITSP <--> Other providers <--> Remote phone

1. I suspect that though RTCP reports MAY highlight issues coming from bandwidth issues between my Yealink phone and my ITSP, they cannot show issues coming from bandwith issues between my ITSP and remote phone.
Do you agree with this ?
Is it also true with RTCP-XR ?
Is it also true with VQ RTCP-XR or does this specific feature really match with User Experience ?

2. Do you think VQ RTCP-XR or alternative technology is precise enough to automatically detect all Voice Quality issues ?
In other words, which Voice Quality issues cannot be detected by VQ RTCP-XR ?
In this later case, I'm thinking about one-way audios that obviously do not come from NAT or configuration issues but from "upstream" network issues (see [1]).

Best regards