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Time, Ping, and Traceroute - Shawn - 02-14-2017 12:13 AM

Hi Yealink:

Wondering if it might be "coming soon":

#1: Could you put the "time" the phone is using (inside) the GUI of the phone?
REASON: we cannot see the LCD screen (remotely), so we cannot tell what "time" it is (from the point of view of the SIP phone)?

We cannot tell what "time" the phone thinks it is.

#2: Thank you for adding both PING and TRACEROUTE to the software!
This was NEEDED so badly!
UPDATE: Please consider ADDING both PING and TRACEROUTE to the GUI of the phone (and) not just via the "menu" of the phone itself.
Sometimes, remotely, we need to run PING from the point of view of the phone.


RE: Time, Ping, and Traceroute - Karl_Yealink - 02-21-2017 06:35 AM

Thank you.
I will submit this suggestion to our PM.
Hope they will consider and develop in future version.