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PC Port issues on Yealink Phones - atdjr - 12-19-2016 08:57 PM

We have enabled the PC Port on the Yealink T42G and changed the VID to 2 but once this is done we lose our internet connection on all PC's connected to the port...This is where the IT person says he changed the Vlan number on the switch too...My question is; should these VID's be changed at all and what do they and priority represent????

RE: PC Port issues on Yealink Phones - Jensen_Yealink - 12-20-2016 03:48 AM

The purpose of VLAN configurations on the IP phone is to insert tag with VLAN information to the packets generated by the IP phone. When VLAN is properly configured for the ports (Internet port and PC port) on the IP phone, the IP phone will tag 
all packets from these ports with the VLAN ID. The switch receives and forwards the tagged packets to the corresponding VLAN according to the VLAN ID in the tag as described in IEEE Std 802.3.  So the VID should be changed to corresponding setting on switch.
VWhen a regular PC connect to IP phone via PCport, both PC and IP phone to be trunked through the same physical Ethernet cable.

for more details, please refer to the admin guide download from below link , page 560:

RE: PC Port issues on Yealink Phones - atdjr - 12-22-2016 02:00 PM

Thanks for the response Jensen.. That's exactly what was done. We changed the VID to the number of the Vlan on the switch. But once this was done the PC's would stop working..I think that maybe the IT tech didn't not input the same ID for the Vlan on the switch.. He's away right now, so I will get clarification once he returns. I have defaulted them back to 1 and they work just fine. Thanks again....Also, the link that you provided does not work Error 404...