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W52P Reliability issues - Initializing data - chrisdixon2 - 12-05-2016 09:50 AM

Dear All,

We have had the W52Ps for about 18 months now but never really got them working well. The Desktop handsets we use (T42G) all work fine so the problem is isolated to the cordless ones. We get the following issues:

1: The individual handsets will randomly have "Initializing data" on the screen
2: The base stations web interface will stop responding (monitored with Zabbix)
3: The handset cuts out saying it is 'busy'

Once you reboot the station and the handsets it all goes back to normal for a week or two, however the user can miss a call if they don't notice the phone has stopped working which is very poor in a customer service environment like ours.

We have 5 base stations and around 20 W52handsets all in constant use with no repeaters. Before these we had normal cordless phones with ATA adapters and they never had the same sort of issues (and were much cheaper). We have the latest firmware on all the handsets and bases.

Any help would be appretiated as I know this is not isolated to jsut us looking through the forum!

many thanks


RE: W52P Reliability issues - Initializing data - complex1 - 12-05-2016 02:59 PM

Hi Chris,

First of all, please reset all W52P base stations to factory default.
Then for test assign no more than 2 handsets to each base station.
Do not roam the handsets.
Test again and if results are positive add one (1) handset to each base station.
Test again and so on till the issue occurs.

RE: W52P Reliability issues - Initializing data - Elaine_Yealink - 12-12-2016 06:14 AM

Dear Chris,

Please have a test with following test version and see if issue repeats:
After upgrading, please export the syslog (level 6) to syslog server, and detect for 24 hours to see if issue repeats. If yes, please feedback with config.bin and syslog to Yealink support team.
For syslog server, we are using 3CDaemon if you don't have one.

At the mean time, please check and get information below
1.For Deployment and Firmware:
--1. How many base and handset are deployed in the space.
--2. How many hanset are connected to each base
--3. Would you mind sending pictures or diagram for the deployment on customer side
--4. Are their any other brand DECT phones are deployed in the same space
--5. Confirm the firmware version for all handsets and bases.
--6. What is the distance between handset and the base it registered to?
--7. What is the distance between each base?
--8. Are there any repeaters deployed on site? How many?
2.Issue symptoms and frequency
--1. How is the frequency for the problem? How many times per day?
--2. When dropping issue happens, after how long will the handset connect to base again?
--3. When dropping issue happens, if disconnect 1-2 base, will the situation become better?
--4. Is Eco mode on or off on each handset?
--5. Is PoE used or PSU?


RE: W52P Reliability issues - Initializing data - Elaine_Yealink - 12-23-2016 01:46 AM

Dear Chris,

We have some reports from customers that the above test version helps to fix the problem. Please have a test and let us know if it works for you. If not, please send the information to me. We will continue to troubleshoot.

Merry Christmas