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Remote doesn't register - dsteinschneider - 06-26-2015 12:28 AM

Have a user whose phone registers remotely with no issue at his house (Cablevision Arris, Netgear WNDR3000) but isn't working at another location. At that location the ISP is Cox, the router a Netgear WNR2000v3 and the modem is a Motorola SB6180.

I remoted into his PC at that second location and it appears the internet connection is fast and stable. I logged into the phone and checked the settings. It just said "failed to register"

Could Cox equipment be somehow blocking the connection?

RE: Remote doesn't register - Flora_Yealink - 06-26-2015 12:38 AM

Hi ,
please check whether the phone can connect to the server in the second location .
or you can share us the pcap trace that we can check why the register is fail (please check whehter the server has send response to the phone ).
Best Regards!