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T26P not taking more than 10 dialnow rules - cadillackid - 06-15-2015 08:06 AM

I have built config files dynamically with a script for my T4x series phones and also the T26P phone.. however only 10 of my dialnow rules get accepted by the config file. the first 10. any more are ignored, however you can go to the web interface and add them manually and they work.. however are not displayed when you do an export... this works perfectly on our T4x series phones, just not my T26P. I am using V73 firmware..

# dialnow rules. example here. (sip dialplan)
dialplan.dialnow.rule.1 = 0
dialplan.dialnow.rule.2 = 911
dialplan.dialnow.rule.3 = 9[2-9]11
dialplan.dialnow.rule.4 = 90x+#
dialplan.dialnow.rule.5 = 91xxxxxxxxxx
dialplan.dialnow.rule.6 = *4
dialplan.dialnow.rule.7 = *7
dialplan.dialnow.rule.8 = *30
dialplan.dialnow.rule.9 = *31
dialplan.dialnow.rule.10 = *35
dialplan.dialnow.rule.11 = *32
dialplan.dialnow.rule.12 = *33
dialplan.dialnow.rule.13 = [4,7]xxx
dialplan.dialnow.rule.14 = *5[4,7]xxx

rules 1-10 load however rules 11-14 do not.

on a T4x phone all the rules load.


RE: T26P not taking more than 10 dialnow rules - James_Yealink - 06-16-2015 05:57 AM

Hi Chris,

Old T2x do have this issue. You can write a XML to upload more than 10 dial now rule.
The XML template can be found in autoprovision template.

This autoprovision parameter can be used to upload it.
dialplan_dialnow.url =


RE: T26P not taking more than 10 dialnow rules - satsurfer - 02-27-2016 08:43 PM

I have Yealink W52P & W52H

Would like to use dialing rules.

calling to fix numbers with account1, calling to mobile numbers with account2. How do I program this? Can't find it on the webinterface. :-(

thanks for your answer