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T38G Not Sending a BYE - Freeswitch - rwhitlatch - 05-30-2015 05:25 AM

Hey Guys,
I have a bunch of T38G phones that we converted over to Freeswitch from Asterisk. They are no longer sending BYE signals on inter-office calls. In the attached pcap i called extension 119. When they picked up, we had audio, and I had a Cancel button. After we talked, I hit Cancel, and the other end of the call still showed that it was connected. System config, pcap, and syslog level 6 attached. I upgraded to the newest firmware as well in an attempt to resolve the issue.

RE: T38G Not Sending a BYE - Freeswitch - Elaine_Yealink - 05-30-2015 11:38 AM


When on a call, if you press the hook, are you able to hang up the call?
To foreclose the configuration issue, please take one of them, reset it to factory default, register an account only and then dial a call to have a test.

Please share with me the result.

RE: T38G Not Sending a BYE - Freeswitch - rwhitlatch - 05-30-2015 08:36 PM

Hey Elaine,
I did try in one test to pick up the handset while talking on speakerphone, and then hanging up using the handset, and I had the same result. I will be back in the office Monday to continue testing.
I assure you that I did factory default prior to any configuration changes. Monday I will factory default again, and just register a line, then retest. Is it normal to see the word cancel on the screen when a call has been set up instead of something like 'end call'? I found that odd based on other phone manufacturers I have played with.


RE: T38G Not Sending a BYE - Freeswitch - rwhitlatch - 06-02-2015 12:29 AM

I discovered the issue. I factory-reset as promised and manually provisioned phone.

1. As a test, I provisioned the phone with transport UDP and created a DNS A-record for one of my servers. I put that in the outbound proxy, enabled the outbound proxy, and saved. The phone properly signaled the BYE upon termination of the test call.
2. I set the phone back to my transport that I was using in my provisioning files - (DNS-SRV) and put my SRV record back in as the outbound proxy. I then made the same test call and confirmed that the phone did not signal a BYE.

So based on this testing, I have concluded there is a bug in the firmware for proper RFC SIP Signaling if the transport is set to DNS-SRV. If you need any additional files or pcaps, please let me know and i'll happily create some and upload.

RE: T38G Not Sending a BYE - Freeswitch - rwhitlatch - 06-02-2015 06:27 AM

Were you able to confirm my findings on this potential firmware bug?

RE: T38G Not Sending a BYE - Freeswitch - phnau - 08-18-2015 10:57 AM

is there any resolution to this? I am having same problem
is this addressed in any of the software releases ?