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Phone hangs while ActionURL's usage - igorg - 05-28-2015 04:46 AM

We have faced a trouble while using ActionURL feature of T28P phone in our service. We have configured all ActionURLs available and found that phone actively used in callcenter become unresponcible via web interface 1-2 times per day. ActionURLs also stop working. After about 20 minutes phone reboot itself, we think that because watchdog enabled.

We think that there is memory leak exists in web server/web client code. We are using firmware as it tested with all our fetures developed and we found it is most stable within v72 firmwares.

We have following questions:
1) Is it known problem for this firmware version and is it probably fixed in v73 firmware? We found no related fixes in release notes.
2) If it is not know bug, what information we can provide to help fix it?
3) Is there any workarraound you can propose to make phones more stable in our enviropment?

RE: Phone hangs while ActionURL's usage - Flora_Yealink - 05-28-2015 05:15 AM

Hi Igor ,
I have replied your email , please help check.
Best Regards!