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Feature Request: More Time Zone Names - lorn10 - 05-26-2015 09:11 PM

Hi Yealink Admins

I want to note here, that there are several Time Zone Names missing across Central Europe (+01:00).

It will be great if you can add at least a generic term like Central European Time.

This will cover a lot of European countries. Actually there are missing values for Swiss, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Bosnia, Monaco, Andorra, Vatican City.

It makes also sense to add a term like Eastern European Time (+02:00).

Here is missing Lithuania and Bulgaria.

--> Please include these new time zones in a future update for all related Yealink phones, also the T19 and T3xG series. Thanks!

RE: Feature Request: More Time Zone Names - Flora_Yealink - 05-26-2015 10:39 PM

Thanks for your information.
for these new timezones, does they have the daylight saving ?
you can upload the time zones by auto provisioning like below,

Best Regards!

RE: Feature Request: More Time Zone Names - lorn10 - 05-27-2015 01:47 AM

Thanks Flora for this information. Well, it will be great if at least the Central European Time term can be added to the firmware.

Daylight Saving is for all countries in Central Europe the same:


Here is my Yealink Daylight saving provisioning data for Central Europe. The clock format is always 24h, the date format is always DD/MM/YYYY or DD MMM YYYY.

local_time.time_zone = {$timezone_offset}
local_time.time_zone_name = {$timezone_name}
local_time.ntp_server1 = {$network_time_server}
local_time.ntp_server2 =
local_time.interval = 1800
local_time.summer_time = 2
local_time.dst_time_type = 1
local_time.start_time = 3/5/7/1
local_time.end_time = 10/5/7/2
local_time.offset_time = 60
local_time.time_format = 1
local_time.date_format = 5
local_time.dhcp_time = 0
local_time.manual_time_enable = 1

Kind Regards

Update: I have first posted wrong template, now it is the correct one, - sorry. Blush

RE: Feature Request: More Time Zone Names - Flora_Yealink - 05-28-2015 05:43 AM

Thank you , I will forward it to the product team.
Thanks for your help.
Best Regards!