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3-ways conference on T26P - stephenh - 05-18-2015 02:29 PM

There are 2 accounts on the phone. The user is talking with one party A on account 1 and press HOLD to hold the call.
Then, he uses the second account to make a call to another party B and wants to make a 3-ways conference with party C. When he press the CONF key, the user and the party A and party B have already been in a 3-way conference.

How can I make the party A still being on hold, while I can make a 3-ways conference call with party B and a new party?

RE: 3-ways conference on T26P - James_Yealink - 05-18-2015 10:26 PM

Hi Stephen,

This behavior can't be changed.
In this case, you can put the party A into a park slot. Then use the account 2 to make a conference.