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W52P keeps going off line - srt10venomous - 05-09-2015 04:20 AM

Have a T26 and a W52p connected to the same router,

The T26 works great no issues,, The W52P goes off line and wont come back up, and no real thing fixes it,, Sometimes a reboot will bring it back online, sometimes you have to remove power for a minute, its never the same issue to bring it back online.

One day it would not come online for nothing, changed routers and it came online right away, and then back to the original router and it then worked no problem??

Is the Dect phone known for going off line randomly?

I have another customer with the same issues.. And have recently ordered 3 more but thinking of returning them all and going with a different provider.. SNOM or Aastra..

Is there a fix ??

Please have YEALINK agent contact me to provide support,

RE: W52P keeps going off line - James_Yealink - 05-09-2015 05:11 AM


Sorry for your inconvenience.
Peter replied you through mail.