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micro tuning - raphael - 05-05-2015 03:27 PM


We have received Feedback from different customers that if they don't keep the handset very straight and near the mouth, that the micro is filtering the voice and the other party is not hearing them clear and loud.

Are there any settings that we can tune?

We are using T41P,T42G and T46G.

Thank you,

RE: micro tuning - Flora_Yealink - 05-05-2015 06:27 PM

Hi Raphael,
We haven't heard the issue before, I have tested it in my side , it seems in normal scenario , even the handset is not very straight , the other party still can hear the voice of the T46, of course, the volume will be little lower .
In this case, you can turn up the volume of the phone so that the voice will be loud by press the volume + buttton on the phone.
We don't have other setting to adjust it as you known , the micro need to pick up the volume if it far away from the mouth, the volume will be low but I don't think customer will pick up the handset fay away from the mouth, right ?
Would you please check with customer´╝č

Best Regards!

RE: micro tuning - raphael - 05-05-2015 07:11 PM

Hi Flora,

I'm not sure how much we can trust the customer about that the phone must be straight to the mouth.
The issue that we can produce is that when the handset is pressed a bit to the chin (because the customer is working at the same time on the keyboard) then the micro is very easily covered by the chin(please see handset_position.jpg) because there is only 1 small hole for the micro (t46.jpg for the t46 model).

We tried with the new T27 Modell (t27.jpg) and with that handset, the quality is much better in the same position. The micro holes are bigger. We are thinking about switching to that model for the future.

Best Regards,


RE: micro tuning - Flora_Yealink - 05-14-2015 05:13 AM

Hi Raphael ,
Thanks for your information .
I have checked with the design department before , for T4 series, if the micro hole is hold inadvertently , the micro hole can still pick up the voice.
May I know in your experience , whether the voice can be pick up by T46?

Best Regards!

RE: micro tuning - perezellen - 02-17-2016 05:04 PM

The main difficulty in using tunings is that because midi keyboards are based on 12 Tones, many tuning will not easily map to the keyboard in a logical way. The Astralis system gets around that by offering several different methods of mapping the notes which will be discussed further down. Most Microtonal Systems use midi to accomplish the tuning offsets by using the pitch bend fine tune, the trouble with this is that you can no longer use pitch bend. Astralis overcomes this by using pitch detection and therefore using Pitch Bend.