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BLF - mannebk - 04-25-2015 05:05 PM

Hey Folks,

anybody knows how to get a second line (or rather asterisk ring group) on the W52P to signal incoming calls via BLF to just pickup the calls if nobody else does?

The background is, one of my employees is outside the office (home office) but shes also most of the time not at a "desk" but rather carries the DECT with her. So she should be able to see if some other lines got calls but dont answer them, then she could pick them up, but it should not ring, just flash, and no missed call notification!

She is kind of a secondary receptionist for all lines, so i could not just patch 25 ext. into one DECT and with all those missed calls pop ups, that would be a bit irritating.

Also, i'm using also a W52P when ever im not at my desk, so I would like the same feature for the "Boss" as well, :-), but no ringing, otherwise i would get a bit iritated while at my desk :-)

Ive got an other 22 people to use a w52p while leaving the desk, but w/o this feature, i dont see a possiblity to use the yealink dect phone.

RE: BLF - Elaine_Yealink - 04-28-2015 05:55 AM

Dear Manne,
As far as I know, w52p doesn't support BLF feature considering the small size. So I was wondering how did you make it work on your device.With ring group, all the idle handsets will ring when there is a call comes in. Doesn't it meet your requirement?