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Spare for T46G - michel_roger - 04-23-2015 09:52 PM

Is it possible to buy some spare for T46G ?

In fact, I need to change the handset.

If yes how can I do this, I'm stay in Paris in France.

Thank's a lot

RE: Spare for T46G - Yealink_Peter - 04-23-2015 11:21 PM

Hi Michel,

Generally your phone provider or local distributor may sell the spare part, would you please contact them first without time lag?
If you can not get help from them, please kindly let me know, I will inform our sales to try contacting them.

Thank you!

RE: Spare for T46G - michel_roger - 04-27-2015 09:20 PM

Hello Peter

Thank you for your response.
Our distributor effectively can sell this spare part.

Best regards