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BLF basic question. - mannebk - 04-23-2015 05:25 PM

Hi Folks,

my office is in serveral levels, so if it rings on an ext. say in the basement, i have no way of knowing, that it rings, when im on second floor.

No i dont want a follow me or ring group, since its the tech guys telephone, and i just want to have it flashing my BLF light on my phone in my room, but not ring the phone there, no notification for missed calls, no nothing, just the BLF blinking if a calls ringing, since this is just in case the tech guy is overloaded, the people go through to the boss. :-) or i may want to listen in on how he treats our customers :-)

im with AsteriskNOW current stable version.

as phones we use in both cases T48G current FW. (we two are the first to play with the T48G :-) )

Anyway does other people have the same sound problem on the T48G with the bass beeing to strong?

So i have for both extentions in FreePBX set the call and ring group to 1 and could pick up the call with *8# but well, i dont know its ringing.

How do i get this working smoothly?

For dummies please, i just have my first asterisk and put 3 days of try an error in it :-) but since im the tech guy for our com tech i should learn it, or my people start complaning about the bos :-)


RE: BLF basic question. - mannebk - 04-23-2015 07:20 PM

Well, you dont have to do anything in the FreePBX it works out of the box.

Just have to adust the buttons where u usually have the line, change type to BLF then put in the extentions you want to monitor, then name it ( i did put the ext. but u could use the name of the worker there too),next chose the line to use for calling this ext, if you call the ext as a speed dail, or while the ext is talking, then in the last field, enter: "**" w/o "

thats it.

shows if its green, no talking, or ringing or talking.


the more i use the t48g the more i like it.

only one thing, i mentioned above, the sound on the handhold is a bit tooooo much bass for my liking. i open seperate question.