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howto link the T48G Phonebook to Zarafa - mannebk - 04-23-2015 01:09 AM

Hi Folks,

I just got my 2 phones (the brand new T48G Big Grin ) to replace that pair of crappie DX800A from Gigaset.

Well I am impressed! I like the T48G. Feels good, handels fast and well and the web frontend is just fast and good.

Recomendations would be to have http://IP/servlet?p=dsskey&q=load&model=1 in a way that it resembles the phone layout. otherwise the user have to imagine where the button is. :-)

So my first qustion is.

How do i get my constantly changing 2500+ contacts syncronized with the T48G. Especialy for just reading off the name of the guy calling. :-)

What i realy did like with the DX800A was the revers look up in public phone books the DX800A suported with German Klicktel phone book and some other dictionaries.

On the T48G ive seen something like an external phonebook. But i did not find any definition what it can handle, and how it should look, where to put it

My phonebook is availabe either in a Zarafa email Server (the main source) or via an manual export from our sales software thats updated via zarafa and vice versa. So both are up to date during the night some time, i could generate some style of data dump and have it somewhere for the remote phone book.

any recomendations how to get that working?

btw. the revers look up via some dictionaries like Klicktel would be a feature request!


running 2 T48G and 3 W52P with an AsteriskNOW with FreePBX GUI and FritzBox 7490 as AT to IP converter.

RE: howto link the T48G Phonebook to Zarafa - Yealink_Peter - 04-23-2015 05:13 AM

Hello Manne,

You can sync your phone book to T48G phone via Remote Phone Book, what you should do are:
1. Edit the contacts as the Remote Phone Book format required.
2. Upload the Remote Phone Book to a server and fill in the URL in phone WUI, path: Direcotry->Remote Phone Book
So the problem is if the style on your phone book does the same with our Remote Phone Book, or if you can find a way to quick convert to the Remote Phone Book required format.
You can use this tool Yealink Phonebook Generation Tool to quick create a Remote Phone Book and see the format.

Thank you!

RE: howto link the T48G Phonebook to Zarafa - mannebk - 04-23-2015 05:12 PM

thanks, will try this.

maybe it could be somhow automated, well see.

RE: howto link the T48G Phonebook to Zarafa - mannebk - 04-23-2015 07:59 PM

Hey Folks,

thers a guy hwo did this, but not for yealink phones.

Maybe Yealink is willing to provide this skript, and then be able to tell, hey we are able to pull the phonebook from zarafa ??

Maybe a big boost, as zarafa is a very popular exchange server

otherwise i have to talk to my admin... because im in this case just a dummie. Uper beginner level at best, no way i start messing around with my contacts.