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Used SIP-T26P - frito bandito - 04-16-2015 09:34 AM

I am starting a business and I am a VOIP newby. I am considering purchasing a lot of used SIP-T26P from a company that went out of business. There is no information on the history of the phones. Does anyone know if there were provider locked versions of this phone? Can anyone give me any advice on why I should or should not purchase the phones. I think they would be fine except I can not exclude the possibility the phones were locked into exclusivity with a provider.

any insight would be appreciated.


RE: Used SIP-T26P - Yealink_Peter - 04-16-2015 11:11 AM

Hi Frito,

Thanks for your attention and recognition on Yealink products.
SIP-T26P is based on SIP standard, it can communicate with any other phones also based on SIP standard, not locked or unlocked version difference. But some providers may customize a special firmware version for their special function request (add or modify some features on the netual version), you can distinguish by the firmware version. for example, is a netual version, 6.73.x.50, if the x no equal to 0, it means a customized version.

Thank you!