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Problem with Jabra Supreme BT and T46G - dankowalski - 04-16-2015 01:16 AM

I am having trouble with the Jabra Supreme BT headset and my T46G VOIP phone. I have the Yealink BT dongle. It connects great the first time and works great until you turn the headset off. When you turn it back on again, it will only reconnect about 10% of the time. When I go into the phone menu and tell it to connect to the headset, I get a connection failed. I have to delete the headset and take the dongle off the phone, turn BT off in the phone menu, plug the dongle back in and re-pair the device. This is a huge hassle. I have 4 T46G's and Jabra Supreme headsets that all have the same issue. Phone firmware is and Jabra Supreme Firmware is 4.25.0. Any ideas on what would cause this connection issue?

RE: Problem with Jabra Supreme BT and T46G - Elaine_Yealink - 04-16-2015 03:44 AM


Please firstly upgrade T46's firmware to the latest:

If problem still, please do as follows to catch pcap, syslog(level 6) and config.bin so that I can hand over to RD for further advice.
1. After firmware upgrading, try to re-pair the device.(it should work at the first time, right?)
2. Turn off the headset, try to reconnect.

Please feedback related files to , we will answer you at the first time.